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Please remember that workshop proposals must be secular in nature,

and that all speakers are expected to comply

with HSC's Inclusivity and Diversity Statement, found at HSC.org.

2018 Conference Program



2018 Workshops will be announced in May 2018.  Meanwhile....could YOU be among our presenters?  Speaking at HSC Conference is a great way to share your passion and enthusiasm, your crafty talents, your special expertise, or your unique know-how with homeschoolers of all ages!  Children, tweens, teens, young adults, parents, and elders are all encouraged to apply to present at HSC Conference. 
If you wish to speak at HSC Conference 2018, you can submit your bio and workshop proposal right here, and we'll get back to you by April 15, 2018.
Click here FIRST to submit your speaker bio!

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Prospective speakers, please note: 

  • Speakers who lead one workshop will receive a reimbursement of some of their conference pass price AFTER conference has concluded.  Speakers MUST be registered and paid before attending conference.  Speakers who lead one workshop will be reimbursed so that their net conference pass fee is $50, and speakers who lead two or more workshops will be reimbursed so that their net conference pass fee is $25. 
  • We have a limited number of projectors, so we have a limited number of speaker spots for those who NEED a projector/screen.  Your proposal has a better chance of being approved if you are flexible on this.  We regret that due to hotel regulations, you may not bring your own projector/screen.  There is usually no chance to add a projector/screen later if your workshop has been approved without one.
  • We always have a need for active workshops, crafty/making workshops, science workshops, and math workshops!
  • Workshops are not intended to be a sales opportunity.  HSC will not approve workshops that are intended to sell one particular product or curriculum. 

If you have questions about becoming a speaker at HSC Conference, please contact Sasha at hscconference@gmail.com.  Thank you!

While you're waiting for next year's speaker proposal window to open, have a look at 2017's awesome workshop lineup, below: